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16th December 2020

A big congratulations to Charlotte Evans, our E-Learning Manager who has been selected by Microsoft as an Innovative Educator Expert for 2020-2021.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program is a global learning community, that connects educators from across the world to inspire students using Microsoft Technologies and innovative teaching.

Charlotte has worked tirelessly to develop our digital strategy at St Brendan’s with the core aim to improve communication and collaboration throughout the college community.

She passionately believes that ‘Innovation as a manager with a strategic overview means empowering staff to trial and implement new approaches to their way of working.'

During the past 2 years, Charlotte has done exactly this; securing Microsoft Teams as a new college system, training staff on new Microsoft systems, delivering Digital Skill sessions for students using Teams, Sway, and PowerPoint, co-ordinating live events for open days using Microsoft Teams and inspiring new ways of working during a pandemic.

This collaborative, digital approach has inspired teachers, students, and staff to find innovative ways to teach such as the whiteboard function on teams used in Biology for remote learning and using Microsoft Sway for online presentations or creative portfolios.

At St Brendan’s we have been proactive and adapted our teaching approach to achieve excellence in education with technology. Being part of the MIE Expert program will allow Charlotte to share our journey and the benefits of implementing all aspects of Microsoft teams with other FE colleges across the world and to learn from the experiences of others. She will also be able to access Microsoft developments and be part of the team that shapes the way MS Teams for Education looks.