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Access Arrangements

Key Contact: Vanesa Campillo Lopera

Some students require Access Arrangements in order to access tasks in lessons and exams in GCSE’s, Access to level 3, A-Level and BTEC’s.

Access arrangements are put in place to make it fair for all students and remove any disadvantages they may have.  Access Arrangements must reflect the normal way of working in lessons.

There are a range of Access Arrangements which reflect the individual needs of students, these include:

  • Extra time granted for the completion of exams (typically 25%)
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Word-processor

The designated officer makes applications at the start of Year 12 for students that require Access Arrangements. Information is collected by the designated officer in partnership with teachers, in class support staff and previous educational settings. This must show:

  • Evidence of need
  • History of need
  • The Access Arrangement being applied for is that student’s normal way of working in college

If a parent or teacher feels that a student is disadvantaged in a particular area and feels they would benefit from having an access arrangement subject they need to speak to the designated officer about this. The designated officer will then investigate this further and discuss their findings with the teacher and parents. 

In all cases written evidence in support of applications must be provided and must cover the dates appropriate to the claim.