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Meet the Governors

Membership of the Board of Governors:

Williamson, Clare and Devenney, James Professor (Joint Chair of Governors)

Harlock, Margaret Sr and Harper, Marie-Claire (Joint Vice Chairs)

Curran, Marian (Principal)

Ashman, Alison (Staff Governor)

Morgan, Ann (Staff Governor)

Eastaugh, Mark (Co-opted Governor)

Ekaney, Nkumbe (QC Foundation Governor)

Fowler, Ann (Foundation Governor) 

Hanks, Richard (Parent Governor)

Hooper, Beckie (Foundation Governor)

Larson, Micah (Foundation Governor)

McNally, Tony (Foundation Governor)

O'Sullivan, Mark (Foundation Governor)

Srijeyaram, Thirowshie (Student Governor)

Hiscox, Charlie (Student Governor)

Turri, Ian (Co-opted Governor)

Powell, Richard * Co-opted Member Governors’ Audit Committee

Richards, Sonny * Co-opted Member Governors’ Ethos Safeguarding Welfare Committee


Harrison, Peter  (Clerk  to Governors)*

Please note: Communication with any of the above Governors is via the College: