Students' Union

Hi, we're the Students' Union here at St Brendan's and we aim to make your life easier.

We're the people to look for to get your message across; whether it's any questions you have or activities you want to make happen. We're like a School Council, only we actually do a lot, rather than being a small group who sit around a table once a week so that pupils feel like they have a say.

Your Students' Union

Your Students' Union

The management genuinely care about student life, which is why we’re here to keep them informed, and help you to have a bit of fun when you’re not dealing with mountains of homework (which is an unfortunate side effect of getting a good education).

Throughout the year we’ll be organising College parties, gigs, charity events and anything else we feel is needed; we’ll see where our imagination takes us!

We are:

  • President: Nnamdi Onyegu
  • Vice President: Edna Adomako
  • Secretary: Olie Burton
  • EDI Officer: Ellie West
  • Student Governor: Fiza Tanveer
  • Communications Officer: Grace Leggett
  • Student Life Officer: Khiaaama Kofi

If you ever want to talk to us around College go ahead, we don't bite. Email us at or leave us a message with the Student Liaison Officer.

See you around College, and we look forward to meeting you!