26.10.20: We have today notified staff, parents and students of a confirmed case of Covid-19 at St Brendan’s. Student and staff safety is of paramount importance to us. We have stringently followed government guidelines and are working closely with the Public Health Team and the college will be open after our October half term break.

Lucy Roberts (Corporate Finance at RSM)

Attended St Brendan's 2011 - 2013

Subjects Studied: Maths, Business, Accounting and Economics

Previous School: Sir Bernard Lovell School

Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

After leaving St Brendan's I went to Exeter University where I studied Business Economics with Industrial Experience. I spent my third year working in Corporate Finance at RSM where I was then offered a graduate role to begin upon the completion of my degree. After lots of hard work and many hours in the library I achieved a "First" in my degree. 

I have now been back working in Corporate Finance at RSM for three years and am one exam off completing my ACA qualification. I always used to tell Claire, my accounting teacher at St Brendan's, that I was never going to be an accountant! Look at me now. 

My advice to students looking at what to do after College would be to think carefully as to what option is right for you, and not do something just because your friends are! If choosing a degree, then think about what you are interested in, which isn't always what you're good at, because you have to enjoy your lectures to get the most out of them and enjoy your time at university!. Also consider doing a year in industry (working) or a year abroad, both provide incredible experiences. 

I wouldn't change anything from my time at College, apart from the time I was on crutches and had to squish in the lift along with all the people too lazy to take the stairs!! Other than that, I made some of my closest friends at college and had an amazing two years, even in my classes! 

If you are considering going to university all I can say is be prepared to work hard but also have the time of your life! I'd go back and do it all again in a heartbeat! 

In ten years’ time I hope to be working in a multinational company, probably in a big city, working my way up to being a CEO! Yes, it is a big dream, but I am determined to achieve it!