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Mark Chivers (Motion Graphics Artist)

Attended St Brendan's 2009 - 2011

Subjects Studied: Graphic Communication, Art & Design, English Language 

Previous School: Downend School 

Mark Chivers

Mark Chivers

Since leaving St Brendan’s in 2011, I completed a one year Art Foundation course and three year Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication at Loughborough University. Although University came with big challenges, overall I loved my time at Loughborough as the experience was invaluable and developed my confidence, which then allowed me to successfully transition into working within the creative industry.

My interests at college were predominantly illustration and painting and St Brendan’s prepared me to be more open-minded for the next steps of education. This came in useful when I could see my degree design work moving from illustration towards digital, which then led me to securing internships throughout my degree. I also spent a summer as a Counsellor for Camp America and became a Student Advocate during term time to help students going through difficulties. Collectively, all of these experiences have shaped me into a more ambitious and confident person. I’ve been on an ever-changing creative journey and I genuinely believe my experiences at St Brendan’s was the best start I could’ve had. The teaching was great and the facilities for creative arts were brilliant.

My advice to students would be to study subjects you are most passionate about even if you are unsure of what you want to do as a career. While choosing A-level subjects, I was told I was brave to take purely creative subjects as it would leave me with fewer job opportunities. However, if you work hard, are determined and genuinely enjoy what you do then you are destined to succeed and have the best time at college as well as the years afterwards.

Currently I work in TV & film advertising as a Motion Graphics Artist in London. My day to day involves creating graphics and animation for TV adverts, theatrical film trailers and social media content. My plan is to keep designing and writing with the vision of becoming a Creative Director.