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Dr Clare Farmer (Lecturer in Criminology)

Attended St Brendan's 1986 - 1988

Subjects Studied: History, Geography, Maths 

Clare Farmer's new home

Clare Farmer's new home

After graduating from St Brendan’s I went on to gain Honours and Master’s degrees in Modern History at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford, where I met my now husband. After completing our degrees we lived in London and then Cheshire, where we started our family. I worked for a Management Consultancy firm and then set up my own consultancy business. 

I spent nearly a decade as a Lay Magistrate in Cheshire, sitting in both adult and youth courts. This experience heightened my deep interest in criminal justice and criminal behaviour, and I undertook a Master’s Degree in Criminological Psychology. 

After emigrating to Australia with my family, I began a criminal justice focused doctoral degree. I am now Dr Clare Farmer and a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Deakin University. My current research examines policing powers and their intersection with individual rights.

It is more than thirty years since I started at St Brendan's. I have come a long way, literally (!), and look forward to continuing my life living by the ocean in Australia. 

My advice to any student is to be positive and, wherever possible, to take control of your own life. Do not expect anything to be done for you. Always be determined, resilient, compassionate, respectful, and mindful of the law (!), but follow your dreams. Best of luck!