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10th October 2022

At St Brendan’s one of our key initiatives is to improve our sustainability to create a better and greener environment for future generations.

We are extremely lucky to be home to both students and staff that share this same passion, and thanks to the efforts of EcoTastic, our award winning eco enrichment club, our Students’ Union and the St Brendan’s Sustainability and Projects Manager, Laura, the goal of St Brendan’s sustainable future is certainly gaining momentum.

We are pleased to have already implemented the following eco-friendly factors to our Campus:

  • Harvested rainwater to flush our toilets
  • Ground source heating systems
  • A green roof on our main building
  • Natural ventilation systems
  • Photovoltaic cells to generate electricity
  • Water taps around the campus for hydrating pit stops
  • Refill stations for water bottles

Recently for the Great Big Green Week 2022 (24th Sept – 4th Oct) our Students’ Union successfully raised awareness for the need for community action to tackle climate change. They organised a packed week of events and activities which included a fun Clothes Swap event where students exchanged items of clothing. We were so pleased to see two classrooms full of clothes which included some vintage pieces being re-homed.

They also arranged for five local councillors, one MP and one mayoral candidate (pictured) to join us at St Brendan’s to take part in an Eco Debate. This was a lively affair with local and national concerns discussed by all. These included controversial topics such as the effectiveness of Bristol’s clean air zone, electric cars - good or bad, as well as views on fracking, building on green-field sites and carbon emissions.