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Meet the Team

Members of our Safeguarding Team are detailed below.

If you are unable to locate any of our Safeguarding Team, please call 07471 823522 between 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

Laura Howe-Haysom 

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Room: B3A

Deputy Safeguarding Lead:

Alexandra Moruzzi (Room B101G):


Safeguarding Officers:

Michelle Densley (Room C5):

Clare McLaughlin (B221/LRC):

Sarah Oliver (B221/LRC):

Katy Phillips (Room C5):

Sian Blatchly (Room B221/LRC):

Sensi McClean (Room B221/LRC):

Hannah Backstorm (Room B221/LRC):

Marian Curran (Room B103):

Steve Clayson (Room B3A):