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At St Brendan's we have strong links with the Halsbury work experience programme.

A number of language students opt for this opportunity every year. The feedback from all the students who undertake this experience is always very positive. They come back extremely enthused, having experienced the language and culture in the country whose language they are studying with us.

These organised trips offer students the opportunity to spend a week with a fellow A-Level language student working, living and practising their language skills in France, Spain, Germany or Italy.



What are the benefits for our students?

  • Total immersion in the language and culture
  • Excellent addition to University and job applications
  • Improved confidence and independence

When can our students undertake work experience?

Work experience can be undertaken during our half term and summer holidays. We advise students to go either in the summer after their first year of study or in October half term, during their second year of study. This way, they would have had the chance to develop their language skills after GCSE, which helps them to get the most out of the work experience provided.

Prior to the trip, the students are able to choose from a large number of work placements; everything from working in schools or museums through to record shops, restaurants, hotels or zoos.

What is the process?

At the end of November during the first year, the MFL team hold a talk for first year students about the work experience programme. Apart from receiving all the necessary information, students will have the chance to listen to other language students who have already been on the trip and to answer any questions. Information brochures are also given out during this talk. This will give our students the opportunity to continue the discussion with parents/carers.