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Hari Ramakrishnan (Probation Service Officer)

Attended St Brendan's 2008 - 2010 

Subjects Studied: English Language, Core Maths, Drama & Theatre Studies 

Previous School: St Bernadette's RC

After St Brendan’s, I went on to  study at the London School of Economics, graduating with an Upper Second Class Honours degree in BSc Politics and Philosophy. During my time at St Brendan's, I developed my interest in civil rights and social justice thanks to my history teacher, and my interest in philosophy and critical thinking was supported by my teachers too. With this encouragement, I decided to pursue a degree that would teach me more about both subjects. 

I found life at my university frustrating and quite isolating. I had never really met someone private schooled (or even grammar schooled) before, and so on campus I didn't feel included or able to relate to most people. Everyone was dressed as if they were going to job interviews, not living life and learning like students. 

Thankfully, I continued my involvement in theatre and through societies and projects I loved my time at university, putting on two original theatre shows at the Lyceum Theatre on London's West End. My love for theatre also originated at St Brendan's and I will always remember the fun we had as a cast working together.

I currently work for the Probation service in Bristol, which arose out of my interest in wanting to learn more about criminal justice and the penal legal system. It has taught me a lot about the vigilant work carried out by the civil service, how complex the system is and how complex the needs of the offender are. I am leaving my post in order to pursue a role in the field of social justice where I can make more of a direct impact, to help vulnerable families and individuals. At the same time, I'm continuing my involvement with the arts, theatre and writing.

My advice to current St Brendan’s students? Don't listen to most advice. 

In 10 years’ time I hope to be more established in either the arts or political field, and if so, making sure that I can do what is needed to help the communities that require the most support.