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Tim Mahoney (Computer Programmer)

After leaving in July 1969 I started with the Imperial Group as a Computer Operator in October. I subsequently progressed on to becoming a Programmer with them.

Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney

In 1983 I was made redundant by them and took a break on, what was then, a very generous redundancy package.

In 1984 I started my own commercial embroidery business, working from home. This included every aspect from marketing to purchasing, machine operating and the financial side. I had 2 large customers that kept me busy but in 1989 they both purchased their own embroidery machines and so I eventually had to wind it up.

1990 saw me teaching unemployed people how to use computers. This went from starting at the very bottom for those that had never even seen a computer and took them up to City and Guilds and RSA examinations. To show the level of some students, I had a lady enter the computer room and point at a machine saying “I’ve got one like that”. I said “So you have an Amstrad” to which she replied “No, a grey one”!!!

The college lost their contract and I was made redundant again in 1991. I claimed Benefits and met someone I had worked with at Imperial. He told me the Jobcentre, as it is now, were looking for staff and I joined them in July. I became part of a team the following year that were helping offices converting to new computer system. In all I worked in over 15 different offices in 3 years. I returned to my local office and later ran the administration for an outreach team in South Bristol which included having responsibility for a credit card up to £6,000 for the team. I took early retirement at the end of 2012 and am now a Tour Guide on the Bristol City Sightseeing open topped buses and I love it.

My biggest achievements, other than being happy and generally enjoying life, probably has to do with Tennis. I umpired on the Centre Court at Wimbledon and also for a deciding rubber in a Davis Cup in Bristol.

There have been many more, which to me have been memorable achievements even if they are trivial.

Being taught the Haka by the coach of the 1964 All Blacks, Fred Allen; meeting innumerable celebrities; marshalling at two Ryder Cups; having lots of people who call me by my name, even if I can’t for the life of me remember theirs; having very few regrets and a lot of memories; supporting the Old Boy v the College as a kid, playing for the College against the Old Boys, playing for the Old Boys against the College and refereeing the match, probably the last one following the RFU banning such games on the grounds of health and safety.

A piece of advice I would give to current students would be treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Remember not everybody has been fortunate enough to go to St Brendan’s! Yes, there are a lot of idiots about and plenty of unpleasant people on this planet, but the majority are friendly and just like you. Be nice to people on your way up the ladder to success because you will be passing them on the way down!

One thing I regret about my time at St Brendan's was nobbling Pete Gunter, because he was 1st XV captain and full back. I was 2nd XV full back and only managed a handful of 1st team games. Apart from that life was pretty good.

In ten years time I hope to be anywhere, just as long as I’m still alive, active, reasonable sane and continuing to enjoy life. I’ve done lots of different things in my life and would like to keep going as long a possible, as long as I don’t upset anybody.