Jack Calloway (Jazz Musician)

Attended St Brendan's 2011 - 2013

Subjects Studied: Music Performing BTEC, Film Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies 

Previous School: John Cabot Academy

Jack Calloway

Jack Calloway

Upon leaving St Brendan's, I became a full time musician becoming part of a touring Jazz band, currently managed by Graham Dalby (The leader of the London Swing Orchestra) and I have dabbled in contracted composing.

I am also an events manager for music at The Old Duke venue in Bristol.  My day to day life is full of music and not much else.

Jack says that his biggest achievement since leaving the College is finally being able to say I am making a successful living in the social music industry, and hopefully now with the management of Mr. Dalby, I will soon be dabbling in the professional jazz industry.

My advice to current students is that 'what you give you get', I've given pretty much every moment of my life so far to music, and although it's taken 19 years it is finally paying off and I am finally earning money doing what I love and can happily make a living off of it. I have always dreamed of being a musician and have always followed my dreams therefore people should not give up on theirs and settle for anything else.

If I could change anything about my time at College is that I do wish that I didn't take it as such a joke as I did... The only subjects I really tried my absolute hardest in was those I could perform in, Music & Drama. Leaving both college and secondary school with excellent grades in just the performing arts, and nothing more, really leaves one with few options of careers.

In ten years’ time, I still hope to be Music-ing my way through life still, hopefully on a more professional basis. Although I love performing my absolute goal in life is to be a composer and an orchestrator, Much like Mr. Dalby  himself, who was incidentally my inspiration to begin playing music when I was 4 years old.