Kat Hounsell (Business Owner - Leadership Development Consultancy)

Subjects Studied: Dance, French, Mathematics 

Kat Hounsell

Kat Hounsell

After leaving St Brendan's I went on to train at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance after a short stint at Leeds University. Following that I completed an internship with Axis Dance Company in California and travelled the state.

I then moved to London during the recession and battled with finding a job for a few months, knocking on doors, before finding myself in a customer service role at a wine distributor called Bibendum Wine Ltd. During my time there I primarily worked in training, recruitment and general HR roles as well as gaining wine knowledge.

In more recent years I've been working at an 'internal brand' agency called NKD http://nkd.co.uk/ working up to Lead Consultant. I primarily consult organisations and then design/facilitate learning experiences for their people. I've done everything from fly around the world with a film crew, to launching new modules at global leadership conferences and training up facilitators...so it's been a varied experience!

I've most recently trained as a coach and have set up my own part-time practice called Everyday People, which supports individuals and teams to turn their ideas, dreams and visions into a happy reality. My personal vision is to grow the business in order to go fully self-employed.

Since 2017, I have developed everyday people (https://www.everyday-people.co.uk/) and am now leading the business, working with freelance facilitators to deliver leadership courses for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We specialise in workplace wellbeing and opening up conversations about mental health at work.