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11th March 2019

History students were lucky enough to take a step back in time with Professor Edith Hall recently, when she visited the College to deliver a lecture on Classical Civilisation.

Edith Hall lectures students

Edith Hall lectures students

Edith is Professor in the Classics Department at King’s College London and specialises in Ancient Greek and Roman history, society and thought. The well-acclaimed visitor has published more than twenty books, broadcasts frequently on the radio and TV, works as a consultant with professional theatres and lectures across the globe!

In her talk to our historians, Edith spoke about Classical Civilisation and the importance of understanding one of the 6 great pivotal eras of humankind. She explained the development of Greek thought – from the worship of the Greek Gods to the understanding of natural science and generating practical responses. Edith also discussed the development of religion across the Roman Empire – from the popularity of Paganism to the understanding of Christianity.