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Student Planned Absences

Planned Absences

If a student’s absence is known about in advance (i.e. University Open Day, Hospital Appointment), then the student needs to report it online using the Planned Absences Request Form before the absence takes place, evidence can be uploaded on this form.

Parent/Carers can also report planned absences by sending an email to on behalf of the student.

Evidence will be required for some absences to be authorised. All evidence will need the Student Name and date of absence on it. 

Authorised Absences and Evidence Required:

  • University open days (3 maximum) - Evidence of Email or E-ticket from University
  • University Interviews - Evidence of email from University
  • Hospital / orthodontist appointments - Evidence of Letter/Email/SMS from NHS/Dental Practice
  • Practical driving test - Evidence of email from DVLA
  • Bereavement / funeral - Email from Parent/Carer to confirm