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Attendance at St Brendan's

We expect all students to attend all lessons (including Tutorials, RPE and Futures/BKSB). Students, however, may leave College when they are free: they can also relax in the Café Max or Min or use the Library Resource Centre.

If students need to leave College at other times they should complete a Sign Out Form.


Research in Sixth Forms shows a considerable link between success and high attendance levels. It is the expectation that students should attend regularly therefore attendance will be carefully monitored across all aspects of a student’s timetable.

There may be exceptional circumstances where a student cannot attend and these absences have been listed below and will be recorded as authorised absences. Absences will only be approved if the reason for absence is unavoidable and the evidence has been provided prior to the event.

Authorised Absences:

  • University open days (3 maximum).
  • University Interviews.
  • Hospital / Orthodontist appointments.
  • Practical Driving test.
  • Bereavement / Funeral.

Unauthorised absences:

  • General sickness will NOT be authorised.
  • Routine medical and dental appointments will NOT be authorised (they should be booked not to interfere with courses).
  • Driving theory tests will NOT be authorised (they should be booked not to interfere with courses).
  • Holidays taken in term time will NOT be authorised. Please see the section Holiday during Term Time for more information.

Automatic emails will be sent to students and primary contact daily if a whole college day is missed and the absence has not been reported correctly to college.

If a student’s overall attendance drops below 90% an automatic warning email will be sent to the student to make sure they start improving. If no improvement is made then Disciplinary action may take place.