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28th March 2022

It was great to welcome Marvin Rees, the elected Mayor of Bristol to St Brendan’s last week. He took part in a live Q&A session with students from across the college.

This was always going to be a lively affair as St Brendan’s has the largest number of A-level Politics students in the South West – all keen to ask the Mayor about local, national and global issues that are close to their hearts.

They questioned him on matters such as free transport for young people in education, the Bristol Arena location, congestion in Bristol, the clean air zone, the pulling down of the statue of Edward Colston, the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill, Bristol Airport expansion, knife crime, affordable housing, racism in politics, and much more.

On a lighter note, Marvin was quizzed about his sporting allegiances, he politically swerved the one about which of the city’s football teams he supports, but was very happy to talk about his love of Bristol Rugby!

Politics teacher Bea Honap-Baker concluded:

‘It was an enthralling and entertaining afternoon which was enjoyed by all. The Mayor helped students to understand a whole host of local issues in more depth. He demonstrated how nuanced and complex political issues are and how they shouldn’t be reduced to two simplistic, polarised viewpoints.’