Freddie-Eloise (University of Bristol - Gateway to Medicine Programme)

Whilst at St Brendan’s, I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths, completed an EPQ and was a part of the AGP cohort. After receiving my results in August 2019, I joined the University of Bristol as a student on the Gateway to Medicine Programme.

I am really enjoying university at the moment- I’ve made loads of great friends, I get to attend placements every week and I am progressing in the right direction to eventually become a doctor. Whilst I am studying, I also work as a private tutor. This is something that I thoroughly enjoy as I am able to pass on some of the knowledge and tips that I have picked up throughout my years in education- it is also helping to consolidate my own knowledge. 

Whilst at St Brendan’s I received ongoing support from staff (for example my tutor and my teachers) in a number of areas, both pastoral and educational. I was able to receive additional support in maths and my biology teacher helped with other parts of my A-levels like my EPQ. In addition to this, I received a lot of support throughout the university application process. After the help of a number of staff members, my personal statement was of a high enough standard that I was invited to all 4 of my medical school interviews. St Brendan’s introduced me to a number of schemes with the University of Bristol (for example Access to Bristol and Bristol Scholars) which meant that I was guaranteed my medicine interview and was also guaranteed a contextualised offer for another course. This was a key aspect in me getting to know the University of Bristol and subsequently choosing to study here. 

Next year I will be progressing onto the 5-year medicine course and will likely take a year to intercalate on my course. In 10 years time, I hope to be training to be a paediatric oncologist. 

If I could give any advice to current students, it would be to believe in yourself and to persevere- if you want something enough, no matter what obstacles you have to face, you will be able to make it with determination and hard work.