Louise Mason (Veterinary Science Student)

After finishing A-levels, I started studying veterinary science at the University of Bristol, in September 2016. Training to become a veterinary surgeon had always been a lifelong dream of mine and despite all the hard work that comes with the degree, it continues to be consistently fascinating and hugely rewarding.

After the end of my third year, however, I realised that in order to graduate as the best version of myself and be able to enter the profession with the spirit and enthusiasm required to be an outstanding veterinarian, I needed to consider hitting pause on my studies and giving myself a break from the demands of the course.


Louise Mason

Louise Mason

Flash forward eight months and I am currently working with sled dogs in Alaska, under the guidance and mentorship of a professional musher and small animal veterinarian. I have spent the winter fully immersed in an entirely new way of life; something I would never have dreamed of having the confidence to do before being challenged on an academic and personal level during A-levels and university.

I have spent days on the runners of a dog sled (even competing in races!) exploring this beautiful untouched parts of the world and yet have still scrubbed in to assist with neuters when the mushing day is done! I will be returning to university in September 2020 for the final fifteen months of my veterinary degree, at which point I will graduate as a RCVS veterinary surgeon. None of this would have been possible if I hadn't been set up for success by the staff at St Brendan's back in 2015 when I presented the first draft of my personal statement and asked for feedback. St Brendan's continuously went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals and it's really amazing to look back on how far I've come - and look towards what else is in store!