Tommy Long (Veterinary Science Student at the University of Bristol)

I am now going into my 5th year of Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol.

Tommy Long

Tommy Long

After St Brendan's, rather than taking a gap year, I went straight to university to study Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol. I found it really enjoyable. Both the course and university life has matched up to my expectations.

At St Brendan's I had support writing my personal statement as well as lots of encouragement from my teachers. The advice I would give students would be to apply for what you want to do, and not what people tell you to apply for. Plenty of people said I wasn't going to get into veterinary and I almost gave up on the idea. 

In 10 years time, I have no idea where I will be which is something that I find very exciting. At the moment, I am looking at moving to Canada for several years, but there are also plenty of veterinary jobs in New Zealand and Australia. I am planning on working/volunteering in several different countries over the first 10 years of my career, before settling down somewhere and working for a small animal hospital.