Hanan Braha Estaytieh (Student Paramedic)

Since leaving St Brendan's it feels like I've circumnavigated the globe and now I'm back in dear old England!



After leaving St Brendan's in 2018, I decided to take a gap year. I went off to Egypt and volunteered in orphanages and a leper colony. I learnt so much; from people skills to some very interesting medical procedures in the leper colony. I had insight into infection control and the treatment of the long-lasting effects of leprosy.

After my time in Egypt I went inter-railing with my dog to Italy, and then finally enjoyed an expedition to America, where I spent two weeks camping and hiking in the wilderness of Wisconsin! Needless to say I've made the most of my gap year!

Now, I am enjoying life at a Paramedic Science student at UWE! I started in September 2019 and I am now eligible to apply for a scholarship!