John Veale (Head of the Forensic Training Unit)

Since leaving the College, I have had a varied career including office work, driving instructor, crime scene investigator and latterly, now a forensic trainer both here and overseas. 

John Veale

John Veale

My best achievement to date was establishing a Forensic Training Academy in Trinidad in 2006.  It began as a building site and to date has trained over 200 Crime Scene Investigators, 400 senior investigating officers, and approximately 1000 detectives and their supervisors.

I was also responsible for the training and development of 10 Trinidad and Tobago Officers to qualify as Police trainers.

My title is Dean of Forensic Studies.  This title was later changed to Head of the Forensic Training Unit.

I am still engaged with my primary career, which is the Design and Delivery of Forensic Training to Police Forces. Much of it is directed to overseas Police Authorities predominantly in the Caribbean.

I am engaged at the present in writing protocols regarding the recovery and handling of Forensic Exhibits. There seems to be a generic need to standardise such procedures,and I am part of that process.

My advice to current students would be be patient, not everything you wish for is available, or indeed, apparent short term. Obtain as many qualifications as you can.  Be prepared to deviate from your chosen career path, as opportunities present themselves. Do not be disappointed by rejection, be strong.

In 10 years’ time I hope to be happily retired!